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About Us

Shapewear Affair ® is a British brand known for premium shapewears garments that cater to women of all sizes, our shapewear provides proper aid for you ladies who want to enhance your natural figure and those who are starting on their weight loss journey. Our compression garments are versatile ,they can be worn under different outfits and while you are doing your workouts. Our shapewears are designed to compress the tummy area and lift your buttocks  without compressing it and our waist trainers are not only designed to give you an hourglass figure but they are a great aid for back support. Designed to smooth, enhance, lift and tone - each piece has a solution for every body.

Made by women, for women. We’re an all female run company on a mission to provide you with not only with the highest quality and most effective shapewear products in the market, but we want to empower you to feel confident in your body and to love yourself unconditionally. We want you to look and feel fabulous in and out.

Shapewear Affair ® was founded just after I had my daughter in 2018, where I felt depressed about my postpartum body. I have been a size 6 all my life and I was desperate to regain my old body shape. Being a great fan of shapewear & traditional waist trainers for more than a decade, I was disappointed that none of my shapewear were offering me the results that I wanted, they weren't doing the trick for me anymore that's how Shapewear Affair ® was born. 

Thank you for trusting our brand, you’re not just a customer, you’re a friend, we are here to build a lifelong relationships with you.

If you need any help to choose the right garment and size guide asssitance, please feel free to reach to us for support.


Natasha Block 

Founder of Shapewear Affair ®