About Us

Learn How to Love Your Body Again


  We are “Shapewear Affair” and we sell body shapers for all sizes and needs. We want people to regain the body they love, the body they feel comfortable in, the body that makes them feel healthy.

    Our featured product the Double Compression OnCore - Waist Trainer Vest is a 2 in 1 piece of shapewear that offers reliable back support and acts as a weight loss enhancer, to help you in your journey to get the body you want. Made from strong and elastic materials such as: neoprene, latex, spandex & cotton, to offer you the support you need when lifting weights or picking up baby or for people who stand up a lot or sufferers of back problems.

     Along with our shapewear options we also provide an eBook Meal plan and fun Exercise ideas to help you in your journey to get the body you want.

    We know it’s difficult to find options for a plus sized individual, as most shapewear products on the market are for skinny people. That’s why we created shapewear for everyone – for people with different body shapes, for women that just went through pregnancy, for mom bellies, dad bods, and every one of you.

 I created Shapewear Affair to help people everywhere regain their confidence. After I had my daughter, I struggled a lot to get rid of the post-baby weight. Desperate to gain my old body shape, I've tried all sorts of body shapers, waist trainers, but none offered me the results I wanted. And most of them were options made for skinny people that barely fit me. So, I decided to create my own line of shapewear for people like me, for the majority, for the moms and the dads, for everyone.”

Natasha – founder of Shapewear Affair -


Our purpose is to help people everywhere regain their confidence in their image. Help them learn how to love their body again and to not be ashamed of who they are. We want to make people happy about themselves, to love their bodies and be comfortable in their own skin.

Empowering women to gain their confidence back.

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